The Pine Tree Gun Club is located on more than 25 acres of secluded forest in rural Foster, RI just off Route 6 connecting interstates 295 and 395.  Established in 1961 the Club boasts four outdoor shooting ranges and a private, secured clubhouse, housing a 12-port 50 foot indoor range, kitchen and meeting room for your sporting enjoyment.

Our recently reconstructed outdoor ranges include Range 3: a 200 yard six station rifle range along side Range 2: a 100 yard, six station rifle range. Both firing lines are covered by a large newly renovated overhang with concrete flooring and include moveable shooting benches and table supports to promote prone, kneeling or standing target shooting and rifle racks and full length counters to store your gear.

Our outdoor pistol Range 1, features over 100 lineal feet of shooting space with stationary markings every 25 feet that allow for shooter flexibility and the ability to move the firing line to complement target, combat /tactical or competition shooting. Shot gun shooting is allowed on Range 4 in our lower area until the installation of our new skeet and trap range that will take place sometime next year.

The outer area of the rifle and pistol ranges is ringed by a 14 stage 3-D archery course.  This course includes several stationary tree stands and is marked by clearings and a small stream along its 500 foot long trail making it one of the most realistic and challenging courses in the area.

Our clubhouse includes a 12-port, 50 foot indoor range along with amenities that include a meeting and trophy room, kitchen, rest rooms, gun cleaning and repair area.  In the past two years a new ventilation system was installed and the backstop was replaced and will now accept any pistol caliber in lead, magnum and jacketed cartridges.   We also allow 22 caliber, rim-fire rifles in our indoor range BUT no other long guns are allowed in the indoor range.

We have a pistol team that just seems to be one of the best around;

A Junior rifle team that also seems to be one of the better squads around.

All shooters under 18 are welcome to come join the team on Friday nights.

We have a high powered rifle team large and small bore;

We offer bowling pin and steel plate matches from spring until fall.

There is much, much more to come this year so check back often!

The Pine Tree Gun Club is a 100% NRA membership club and strong supporter of its local community. We promote safety in shooting sports through our Junior Rifle Team, High Power Rifle Team, Pistol Team and NRA and certified instructor trainings and qualifications.  The Club also sponsors Public Field Days, Annual Turkey Shoots for teens, Monthly Pin Shoots, Police Officer/Police Department Qualifications, on-site Scouting events and local Citizen Police Academy and Fraternal Order of Police Associates firearms training.

Please navigate to the other areas of our website to explore everything mentioned above in detail.  If you would like to become a member, arrange a visit or have a question please feel free to email me at “President” under the contact info page.

On behalf of our membership and Officers I appreciate your interest in Pine Tree Gun Club and the great sport of shooting.  Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you “on the firing line”.

Fred Trapassi, Jr.
Pine Tree Gun Club

  • Outdoor Range is Closed 1/2 hour before sunset

    Wed Nov 22 2017
    Sunset:04:19 PM EST