Cowboy Action

Lincoln County Lawman Cowboy Action Shooting matches

When your down on the line or around the club house, and it appears a large posse straight out of 1873 is headed your way -don’t blink- It is!

Pine Tree has been sanctioned by the Single Action Shooting Society, better known as SASS, as the ONLY club in Rhode Island that will be having sanctioned Cowboy Action Shooting events.

Matches will take place as listed below. All ranges are closed but, feel free to come by and see what’s happening.

So when you see the Cowboys and their cohorts don’t run away-run over and say hi!

Registration at 9, Shooter Meeting at 9:45 and shooting at 10.For more info contact One-Ear Pete at or Lincoln Country Lawmen.

April 23 – 4th Sunday, Ranges 1 and 2/3*
May 28 – 4th Sunday, Ranges 1 and 2/3*
June 25 – 4th Sunday, Ranges 1 and 2/3*
July 30 – 5th Sunday, Ranges 1 and 2/3*
August 20 – 3rd Sunday, Ranges 1 and 2/3*
October 29 – 5th Sunday, Ranges 1 and 2/3*

*Range 1 is the Pistol Range, Ranges 2/3 are the long distant rifle ranges and Range 4 is the pistol/shotgun range, commonly called “the Pit”.

For more information visit the The Single Action Shooting Society web site.


  • Outdoor Range is Closed 1/2 hour before sunset

    Wed Nov 22 2017
    Sunset:04:19 PM EST