Membership Info – Membership is at capacity. Applications will continue to be accepted from members for the waiting list.

New Member Fee/Dues $360.00 – Covers

  • Initiation fee $75.00.
  • Key fee $10.
  • Building Assessment Fee $125.00
  • Annual dues $150.00
  • Dues are deposited in the general fund and used for general club expenses.
  • Dues does not cover participation on pistol/rifle teams etc.


Application Process:

*NOTE new membership applications MUST be submitted by your sponsor.

Applications received at the meeting will not be presented until the following month. Do NOT submit a BCI, any payment, fees or dues at time of application.

  • Application must include two photos.
  • Applicant must submit a BCI report from the Attorney Generals Office at the New Members Orientation Meeting. BCI reports that are over 30 days old are considered invalid.
  • Sponsor shall bring the application in person to a regular meeting.
  • Application will be posted for 30 days prior to membership vote.
  • If application is approved it will be brought before membership for vote.


New Member Responsibility:

  • In the first year of membership, must attend 50% of the regular monthly meetings.
  • Within first year must perform 8 hours of directed work for the club.
  • If 8 hours are not performed within the first year, a fee of $100 will be assessed and offending member will be placed on probation for a period of 1 year. If 8 hours of directed work have not been completed by the end of the probation period membership will be revoked.
  • Annual dues as of September 2008 are $150.00 due at the October meeting.
  • Dues must be paid no later than the annual meeting.


Club Meetings:

  • Regular meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month.
  • Annual meeting is held in October.


General Membership Info:

  • No person under 21 is allowed to fire a handgun on premises without direct supervision of a member 21 years of age or older unless they are active military.
  • Members over the age of 62 years who have been full paying members for at least three years shall pay half dues.
  • Shooting hours are:
    • Indoor range: 8:00AM thru 10:00PM daily.
    • Outdoor range: Monday thru Saturday 9:00AM to ½ hr before sunset. Sunday 10:00AM to ½ hour before sunset.
  • A copy of the by-laws and range rules are provided when application is accepted for membership.

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  • Outdoor Range is Closed 1/2 hour before sunset

    Wed Nov 22 2017
    Sunset:04:19 PM EST